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THE STORY OF FILM (the book) by Mark Cousins (first published, 2004)

After reading E.H. Gombrich’s ‘The Story of Art’, I decided this was the best book I was ever likely to read about the history of visual arts.

In his preface, Gombrich wrote that his book was  “intended for all who feel in need of some first orientation in a strange and fascinating world”.

Mark Cousins makes no secret of the fact that Gombrich’s definitive work was a model for his story of the art of cinema from the silent era of the 1880s to today’s digital age.

His is an equally comprehensive and triumphant work of scholarship and stamina.

One can only be awestruck, and a little envious, that Cousins has not only seen so many movies but that he has the skill and insight to place each in its context and describe then so succinctly and…

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Valley Curtain Film

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Watch this new documentary on Kibera

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Kibera Crafts

This 30-minute documentary was published by Make a Difference Films on YouTube. The film shows the appalling living conditions AND the incredible spirit of the people who live there. It also focuses on the work of a charity called Kibera In Need, which is working incredibly hard to try and make a difference. 

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Les Blank, filmmaker with an eye and ear for the eccentric, dies at 77

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My Take on Spirit Children.

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The Kente Weaver

First watch this documentary:

I am late. This documentary was published three months ago, and granted, there have been even earlier articles on Ghana’s Spirit Children.

Given. This is a despicable traditional practice. No two ways about that, and it exists in other parts of the world like Bom Jesus da Mata in Brazil (Read Death Without Weeping by Nancy Schepher-Hughes. There’s a bigger book if you have time!)

But I disagree with a lot of things about this video documentary. And so with all the fanfare that goes on about Anas’ investigation, I ask the question – to what end? How does this documentary inspire the nation? Does it make us bitter and angry, vindictive and always vilifying individuals/finger-pointing? Or does it make us sit back and think, corporately on what a more permanent solution to this would look like? How has this documentary freed our minds, or given…

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Special Screening & In Theatres: FREE ANGELA & ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS

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what (not) to doc

freeangela_02Coming to NYC’s Stranger Than Fiction next Tuesday, April 2 and to select theatres next Friday, April 5: FREE ANGELA & ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS

Shola Lynch’s exploration of the iconic activist and academic had its world premiere last Fall at Toronto. Since then, it has screened at London, Pan African, Tempo Doc, Women’s International Film & Arts, and the upcoming Full Frame. It’s set for a limited theatrical release in NYC, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, Oakland, Philadelphia, and Atlanta next week.

I included the doc in my Toronto coverage here.

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civil rights

Reflections Unheard: Black Women In Civil Rights focuses on the marginalization of black  women between the Black Power and Feminist ideologies of the 60s and 70s, up to the present day. (via Shadow and Act)

This documentary film will premiere across the pond on April 24. CLICK HERE for more details.

Will there be a UK screening?  Hopefully.

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