My Take on Spirit Children.

The Kente Weaver

First watch this documentary:

I am late. This documentary was published three months ago, and granted, there have been even earlier articles on Ghana’s Spirit Children.

Given. This is a despicable traditional practice. No two ways about that, and it exists in other parts of the world like Bom Jesus da Mata in Brazil (Read Death Without Weeping by Nancy Schepher-Hughes. There’s a bigger book if you have time!)

But I disagree with a lot of things about this video documentary. And so with all the fanfare that goes on about Anas’ investigation, I ask the question – to what end? How does this documentary inspire the nation? Does it make us bitter and angry, vindictive and always vilifying individuals/finger-pointing? Or does it make us sit back and think, corporately on what a more permanent solution to this would look like? How has this documentary freed our minds, or given…

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