Batman Documentary: “Starring Adam West”

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Superheroes are all the rage right now, and rightfully so, they’re awesome. But back before the special effects and big-budget blockbusters, Adam West was Batman.

Adam West will always BE Batman.

A new documentary, “Starring Adam West,” lets fans into the TV star’s world. It tracks his rise to fame and follows him around in his life today. You get to know the man behind the mask, his struggles with typecasting and his acceptance of the character he made famous.

Unlike feature films, documentary filmmakers don’t really know what kind of film they’re going to make till after they’ve finished filming. They have a topic but no script and an ever-changing story. Once all the footage is collected, it’s up to the director to piece together a cohesive and interesting story.

Director (and West’s son-in-law), James Tooley, does a phenomenal job telling this…

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