Life is more mystery than misery


Living off craigslist and relaying on the kindness of strangers. No money, no contacts, just an empty phone, a laptop and a little faith to solely live off craigslist for the next 31 days.

That’s the premise of Craigslist Joe, an 87 minute documentary produced by Zach Galifianakis and  lead and directed by Joseph Garner realized as a experiment to discover if technology can be a community helper instead of an isolation tool. And the conclusion is that yes, in general, you can use craigslist to contact with others and rely on human kindness in times of need, in spite of the general consensus about that affirmation might be. Without being and extraordinary film piece, I found that the documentary was quite entertaining most of the time, and, most of all, inspiring, since it presented a quick sketch of several and different characters, whom were the real protagonists, and…

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