Alexandra Ross

I watched the documentary film, “No End in Sight”.  This is film is about the American occupation of Iraq.  I pulled it off the rental shelf thinking I should be a little more aware of what happened in 2003 and the aftermath.  Here is the trailer:

My mind was absolutely blown away.

So often I would hear about “The Bush Administration” or hear protests against the Iraq War, but I really had no idea why was so bad, what set it apart from the other confusing wars.  I know war is always hardest on the women and children, and sure enough, the rape count rose immediately after the invasion.  As as side note, apart from one brief mention, that consequence is all but ignored in the film.  A male slant to the impact of the impact of the war?  Probably.  PBS did a piece on the rise of rape in Iraq, though, I am surprised…

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