Baptiste Fertillet



Gus, Orson, Jean-Luc and the others, 2012, fragments-movie on mobile phones.

This ten-parts movie for mobile phone is based on three principles : time-unity, location-unity and the use of same characters. Each scene borrows codes and styles of amateur videos posted on the internet. All parts are connected togeth- er but it’s possible to play each of them independently and in an aleatoric order. The dialogues are issued from various movies and interfere between actions and conversations. These movies were selected according to the relevance the original moviemaker put into the construction of the dialogues involving improvi- sation methods and gaps between pictures and narration. This video work in- duces a blur on reality or on what the audience understands as real or not real. Our own memory becomes connected to the History of cinema and, sometimes, the movie-goer is stung by these memory effects. 

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