The (New) World

Emad Burnat, the co-director and narrator of 5 Broken Cameras (2011), is a Palestinian from the town of Bil’in in the West Bank. In 2005, he bought a video camera to make home movies of his kids, and not long after that, the Israeli army erected a barrier separating the town from a patch of undeveloped land where Burnat’s family used to pick olives — thus allowing Jewish settlers to move in and claim the land for themselves. In response to the barrier, the people of Bil’in attempted various forms of nonviolent resistance, and Burnat used his camera to document both the protest movement and the increasingly brutal attacks by the army (and occasionally the settlers themselves) against the demonstrators. In addition to the footage shot by Burnat, the film incorporates material by five other cameramen, including co-director Guy Davidi (who edited the movie with Véronique Lagoarde-Ségot). However, the film…

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