Lisa Thatcher

How interesting to see Whity just two weeks after I saw Django Unchained.  Both Fassbinder and Tarantino pay homage / deconstruct the Western in the two films, while Tarantino goes the Blacksploitation route and Fassbinder goes the gay/subteranean-fucked-up-route.  It will come as no surprise to readers of this blog that I preferred Whity.  It displays ten times the courage and is a thousand times more insightful than Tarantino, even if I did have a pretty good time with Django Unchained.


Of course, Tarantino is much easier than Fassbinder, and does much less with much more.  A viewer can relax in Django Unchained, even when the blood splatters. But how many of us can relax when the owner of the largest plantations son wears his mothers coursetry, when distorted cupids spy from the background of almost every shot and the overriding implication is that gun slingin’ cowboys…

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