Not Oscar worthy, but a good documentary to catch. Despite their extravagance, well, her extravagance, you find yourself wanting it to turn around for them in the end.

...As You Like It...

Despite receiving widespread critical acclaim (and multiple industry awards for director Lauren Greenfield), The Queen of Versailles, did not make the list of Academy Award nominees for Best Documentary.  But rest easily, Versailles aficionados, for while it may not have an Oscar nomination on its resume, it has something those other nominees do not:

It has a shout-out on the ACPL blog.

The Queen of Versailles is a movie that owes its existence, in part, to serendipity.  Greenfield originally set out to film billionaire businessman David Siegel and his wife, Jackie, as they built America’s largest privately-owned house.  But the recession threatens to collapse Siegel’s timeshare empire, and Greenfield’s cameras ultimately capture the hubris surrounding the collapse of both the Siegels’ business and their way of life.

I struggle to describe this movie to others; it has elements of the absurd, but it’s not really a comedy.  There is…

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